Sea, Air or Land: Understanding Transportation Modes and AlternativesSea, Air or Land: Understanding Transportation Modes and Alternatives

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Sea, Air or Land: Understanding Transportation Modes and Alternatives

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Gina, and I love journeys. I can't even say I like to travel because in fact, I actually prefer staring out of train, boat or bus windows as the landscape or water rolls by. I also love the feeling of flying and the excitement levels in airports. However, I can't spend my whole life sitting in a transportation seat so I decided to start a blog about this passion. This blog contains everything I have learned about transportation, it looks at it from multiple angles and provides a fresh perspective. Please, read and enjoy!

The Sky's the Limit for a Commercial Pilot

There is no doubt that the aviation industry suffered a serious setback due to the pandemic. Many if not all long or short-haul flights were grounded, and this certainly presented a problem to all commercial operations. However, this type of interruption was never expected to last for the longer term, and the industry is certainly strong enough to bounce back. This will present even more opportunities for those who aspire to be a commercial pilot, but what does the road to qualification look like?

Starting Off

If you want to become an established, long-haul pilot in charge of a transoceanic jumbo jet, then you need to start at the beginning. You need to be in good physical health with the perfect eyesight and hearing, and you will need to undergo a rigourous physical examination before you can proceed.

Moving Up

You will also need to undergo training to understand how to operate a specific plane and will always start with the smaller, short-haul craft. Once you have been approved for a specific type of aircraft, you can become qualified in something larger.

Aviation Rules

Aviation law is quite complex, and you will need to have a good understanding of this as well. You need to follow a variety of different procedures while in the air and on the ground and will need to know how to perform pre-flight checks with great accuracy.


Short-haul pilots have a less onerous schedule than their long-haul cousins. If you would prefer a more predictable family life, then you may want to choose the short-haul option. Typically you will work from your home base and may fly to 3 or four destinations in one day. You won't have to deal with jetlag to any degree and will get used to the airports that you frequent.


On the other hand, you may want more adventure in your life and choose to qualify as a long-haul commercial pilot. In this case, you certainly need to get used to jetlag, and your schedule will be adjusted accordingly. You will get more days off, but you'll also have to spend much more time away from home in foreign destinations.

Rung of the Ladder

Despite unexpected and challenging interruptions from time to time, there will always be a great demand for travel. Become one of the next generations of commercial pilots by starting your journey at an approved commercial flight training school.