Sea, Air or Land: Understanding Transportation Modes and AlternativesSea, Air or Land: Understanding Transportation Modes and Alternatives

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Sea, Air or Land: Understanding Transportation Modes and Alternatives

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Gina, and I love journeys. I can't even say I like to travel because in fact, I actually prefer staring out of train, boat or bus windows as the landscape or water rolls by. I also love the feeling of flying and the excitement levels in airports. However, I can't spend my whole life sitting in a transportation seat so I decided to start a blog about this passion. This blog contains everything I have learned about transportation, it looks at it from multiple angles and provides a fresh perspective. Please, read and enjoy!

Alternative Sources of Revenue for a Helicopter Pilot Training Facility

How do you keep the bottom line of your helicopter pilot training facility healthy? It must be a question that pilot training schools grapple with considering the number of institutions available to candidates. Competition is rife, and clients have options. Therefore, helicopter training facilities need to diversify their business and seek alternative sources of revenue or risk losing clients to rival facilities. There are various programs and strategies that your institution can use to achieve diversification. Here are a few ideas to keep your institution afloat.

Aerial Photography 

As a flying institution, sprucing up your programs can never be a bad idea. You can do so by offering aerial photography experiences. You don't have to issue certificates for such lessons. Including the skills as part of the helicopter pilot license, training is enough. You can arrange the training program in such a way that candidates have a few lessons on the basics of aerial photography. One advantage is that it breaks the monotony of routine classes. Additionally, such programs draw in more students consequently improving the institution's ratings and bottom-line.

Scenic Tours 

Aside from offering helicopter pilot training, your institution can rely on scenic tours as an alternative revenue source, especially so if you have ready clientele in Formula 1 fans. Instead of solely offering transportation services to F1 fans, your training institution can arrange scenic tours for clients, for instance, around the racing circuit and race hosting city. Clients can pay for the trips as part of the transportation cost. 

Helicopter Rental

Dignitaries and other affluent people are always on the lookout for ways of making a statement. The opportunity to show up in a helicopter at a gathering is one that some people cannot pass. For instance, a client might want to show up to their wedding in a helicopter. A news agency may seek your helicopter rental services to cover a story. Whichever your target market for your helicopter rental, just make sure that you follow the necessary niche-specific regulations.

Helicopter Parking Services 

It is common to come across institutions that have helicopters, but lack designated parking space. If you have enough parking spaces, you can turn it into a revenue source. You need to do your research and find out if some local institutions and businesses need parking space for their copters.  In other words, you will be renting out the extra space to potential clients in your facility.