Sea, Air or Land: Understanding Transportation Modes and AlternativesSea, Air or Land: Understanding Transportation Modes and Alternatives

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Sea, Air or Land: Understanding Transportation Modes and Alternatives

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Maintaining Aluminium Roller Doors for a Truck's Refrigerator Trailer

If you are a business vendor dealing with perishables such as fresh fish and flowers, your refrigerator truck enables you to transport products to various destinations. The speciality of its conditions is an assurance that your customers will receive the products as they desire, fresh.

Without the doors of these trailers, the refrigeration is not possible. Ensure that they are in an appropriate operational condition so that the products you are transporting are safe. The door systems for these trailers are complex as they have various components such as cables, rollers, anchor brackets, and springs working together to maintain the desired cold conditions in the trailers. Automation may also add to the complexity of the system as it involves more mechanical connections to power the doors. Here are a few tips for maintaining your aluminium roller doors for a refrigerator truck.

Lubricate the movable parts

Identify and lubricate the moving parts of the anchor brackets and pulleys on the door to minimise wearing out and squeaking sounds. Inadequate lubrication hinders the movement of the movable parts, making it difficult to open the door. You will also have to put up with the irritating sounds produced by the dry joints as they move. Besides, lubricating will minimise the costs of repair as you will not have to replace them much often. If the squeaking sound persists after lubrication, consult a professional technician to address the issue. It may be an indication of an advanced problem that you may not have the expertise to solve.

Buy the right spare parts

Your roller door's efficiency will decline significantly if you replace the worn-out parts with the wrong spare parts. They lead to compatibility issues. Get spare parts from your roller door manufacturer's outlets to guarantee that they are compatible with what you are using.

Keep the roller door attachments clean

Ask yourself whether the products you transport leave much residue in the trailer or not. During loading or unloading of the trailer to the client's containers, some of the products may drop residue, which can accumulate in the sections joining the door to the trailer, especially the corners. The door may fail to shut properly, posing risks to other road users and the loader. Clean the door joints properly with steam to remove any residue, and lubricate the joints regularly as steam does away with the greasing.

Overall, keep the face of the door free of grit, grime, and debris. Wash the door with a solution of washing liquid.

Prevent rusting

Aluminium undergoes oxidation when exposed to humid air. Oxidation leads to rusting. There are many options available for you to stop rusting. First, you can galvanise the aluminium door using zinc. A slim film of paint can also be applied on the aluminium door to prevent the exposure of the metallic parts.

Contact a company that services Toddco roller doors if you need professional help with your refrigerator vehicle's door.